Community mourning those lost from Pine Belt tornado

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — The Hattiesburg and Petal communities are gearing up to cleanup the city after a weekend tornado touched down, destroying and damaging hundreds of homes.

On Edwards Street in Hattiesburg, close to nothing is left and 10 families are without a home in that area.

“I heard like a train roaring through, sat back and watch my roof peel off,” said Leroy Draughn, a resident of a trailer park that was destroyed.
He said he’s lucky to be alive.

Two out of the four people who died were in the community near Edwards and Cypress streets.

Kenneth Harrell, Resident of Destroyed Trailer Park”It was just total devestation, said Kenneth Harrell, another resident. “It was just everything was gone, my wife’s first reaction when she walked out was she screamed cause it was just, everything was gone.”

Draughn said he pulled his friend David Wayne Mccoy from the ruble after a tree fell on him.

“We’ll miss him and we will love him,” he said.

Ernest Perkins was the second life lost in their community.

The other two victims who died were Cleveland Madison and Simona Cox.

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