Mom opens up about son dying from drug overdose

YAZOO COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — A local mom is speaking out after her son dies from a drug overdose.
Three people in Yazoo County have died from drug overdoses in the last six weeks.

“I’m sorry for all the heartache I’ve caused,” said Matthew Ables on a voicemail. “I want to get better, and I want yall to love me like the son that I’m supposed to be.”

Desperate to get clean, 26-year old Matthew Ables who ultimately lost his battle with addiction and overdosed last month.

“My son died on December 13th on his 27th birthday. He got to become 27 for about 5 hours. His dad found fentanyl patches in his mouth,” Judy Ables said.
She said this was her son’s fourth and last overdose.

“I always carried my phone with me because I never knew when I was going to get a phone call, ‘Judy, he’s done it again,'” she said.

Matthew died from a fentanyl overdose, a drug commonly used for cancer patients dealing with extreme pain and comes in the form of a patch.

“What it does is it slows your heart rate down your breathing down it’s like dying of sleep apnea he died of a peaceful sleep that is one comfort one that I have out of all this, he didn’t suffer.”

Because this drug is popping up more often on the street, ables says a lot of people aren’t educated on it, and Matthew was commonly misdiagnosed as depressed.

“He had to go to therapy in Yazoo City,” she said. “He was treated as a suicide patient for eight months. He was not a suicide patient he’s an addict.”

She says people have to work together with local law enforcement and educate themselves on this drug or there will be more deaths.

“The sheriff’s department has got to do more than threaten and the judges have got to do more than fine,” she said. “There’s got to be repercussions for what you do, but there’s also got to be help.”

The Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department says they are working hard to get these drugs and dealers off of the streets.


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