What’s Working: Power APAC

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — For the second year in a row, Arts Schools Network, a national organization, has recognized Power APAC, here in Jackson, as an Exemplary School. The school was recognized for its programs, purpose, and operation.

It’s like a gem that should not be hidden. 600 JPS students are getting an education in the Arts at Power APAC.

Fourth and fifth graders are just beginning their time at Power APAC.

At this age, they take all their classes here. Instructors say they are learning a lot.

Elizabeth Sullivan chairs the Dance Department.

“Discipline, creativity, open mind, the ability to channel their desires and yearns for other things, and it makes them struggle or strive for knowledge,” she said.

Malaika Quarterman is the Theater Department Chairperson.

“It gives a chance for these children to feel successful in an area and learn the process of learning so that they can take that into their Math class,” Quarterman said. “They can take it into their Social Studies class.”

Some students stay in the program for nine years. Others, like Makayla Scott, come later.

“Each person here really cares about each and every student, and they just push us to rise to the top,” Scott said.

Makayla is one of 18 girls in the vocal department who will spend their Spring break performing in Austria.

Shawn Morgan is her very proud Vocal Music instructor.
“They are very talented young ladies, and I have the privilege of working with them every day, it’s great,” Morgan said.

Power APAC is not for every child. Students must audition to be accepted. They can concentrate on music, dance, theater or other breathtaking art forms. Just look at what they can do. The Art Schools Network is, and they like what they see.

“So for a national organization to see us and recognize us right here in Central Mississippi, has just been an honor and particularly for a second time, which doesn’t happen very often,” Marylynn Martin said, who is the principal.

And, in case you were wondering, the Mississippi Department of Education has rated Power APAC as an “A” school, again this year.

“I think it’s hand in hand we go, the more you do well in the arts, the better your academics are,” Dance Chair Elizabeth Sullivan has a theory, ”

Fund raising efforts are underway to send the 18 young ladies to Austria to perform during their Spring Break. If you’d like to help, contact Power APAC School. It’s on Riverside Drive, here in Jackson.

POWER APAC has also received the Yale Distinguished Arts Award, and honors from the John F. Kennedy Center and the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education.

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