City leaders announce plans to repave most traveled streets in Jackson

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber and other city officials announced the start of a new paving project Thursday.

Mayor Yarber, the 1 Percent Sales Tax Commission and Director of Public Works Jerriot Smash said the “Major Streets Project” will focus on resurfacing the City of Jackson’s most-traveled streets.

The $4.5 million contract is with Superior Asphalt Inc.

“The paving of Jackson’s busiest streets is not only important to residents who drive along the roadways, but it also is integral to the continued progress and economic development in the City,” said Mayor Tony T. Yarber. “For decades, Jackson’s infrastructure had been neglected. Our administration has made the comprehensive overhaul of the City’s roads, bridges, waterlines and drainage a priority.”

The first street to be paved of the project is Gallatin Street. City official said sections of the following streets also will be paved:

  • Briarwood Road
  • Greenway Drive
  • McRaven Road
  • Northside Drive
  • Raymond Road
  • Ridgewood Road

City officials said this project is part of the long-term Infrastructure Master Plan and is also a component of the City’s ongoing Operation Orange Cone initiative.

More than 60 streets in the City have been paved under Operation Orange Cone.


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