‘Trump Rules’ spray-painted across Madison County church

Photo: WJTV

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — A congregation is shocked after someone spray-painted the words “Trump Rules” on their church.

It happened at Good Samaritan Missionary Baptist Church on Highway 22 in Madison County.

Church member Adrian Lewis said he found the graffiti.

He said he comes to the church during the week to clean up the facility for Sunday services. When he pulled up Thursday, he noticed the vandalism.

A window was also busted out, and the door was found unlocked. They don’t believe anything was taken from inside the church.

“Trump Rules” was put on both sides of the building. One side was also spray-painted with ” Ha Ha.”

Lewis said they weren’t upset about the incident, but wondered why some one would do it. He said it sends the wrong message.

“We don’t worship man. We worship God here,” he said.

On Thursday night, Lewis said a few of the members prayed for the person responsible.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident.


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