Mississippi House Democratic Caucus calls for action

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Tuesday is the committee deadline in the Legislature.

Bills that do not make it out of committee today will not go on and will not have a chance to become law.

House Democrats are asking the chairmen of the committees to send several bills meeting their agenda to the full Legislature. Democrats hope they get a chance to debate the bills and make a case for them with Republicans.

“A lot of what they’ve been doing we don’t agree with,” said Rep. David Baria, the Democratic House Caucus Leader. “But they’re in charge, and I guess Mississippians put them there and so we’re going to have to live with their decisions.
We encourage them to open up the process, look at our ideas, and consider them as well.”

He said the bills would create jobs, make the state safer, and make the workplace fairer. The list includes bills to increase the number of teachers, expand mental health opportunities, and increase the state minimum wage.

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