Sheriff: Inmate goes through hole in wall at jail to receive contraband

Photo: WJTV

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Law enforcement officers were able to recover a large amount contraband of before it could be sold in the jail.

Sheriff Victor Mason said an inmate tried to go outside of the jail through a hole that was cut in the wall to pick up a bag filled with contraband.

Mason said they think someone had thrown bags over the fence for the inmate to pick them up.  Investigators believe other officers may have been in on the plan.

An officer at the Raymond Detention Center was doing a perimeter check when he ran into an inmate. Mason said the inmate was trying to get outside to that bag. He was able to get outside through a hole that was cut in the wall.

Sheriff Mason said he’s glad the law enforcement officer caught the inmate in the act.

“He was able to not only recover the inmate, but in a thorough search when I back up got there we were  able to recover three bags of these items that was about to be entered into our facility,” Mason said.

The detention officer who found the inmate was hit in the head when the two got into a fight, but he will be okay, authorities said.

The contraband was being delivered to two other inmates. Everyone involved will be facing additional charges.

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