AMR gives warning of drinking and driving after Super Bowl

JACKSON, MS (WJTV) – First responders are encouraging people not to drink and drive after the Super Bowl.

Jim Pollard with AMR says hours after the big game is one of the dangerous times to be on the road.

“Study showed that the drivers on Super Bowl Sunday were drunker than any other day of the year except for New Years and St. Patrick’s Day,” said Pollard. “It’s after the game when a lot of people who have been drinking, get on the road at the same time,” he added.

Pollard says if you’re hosting a party and someone is drinking make sure they have a designated driver. He adds food could slow the absorption of alcohol so serve lots of it.

At Martin’s Lounge, owner Joseph Stodghill says that they will be serving food for their watch party and will also make sure people drink responsibly.

“We cut people off if they have too much,” said Stodghill. “We will find someone who knows someone to make sure they get home safe.”

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