AG Hood files 11 lawsuits against corporations, individuals allegedly involved in prison bribery scandal

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has filed 11 civil lawsuits against corporations and individuals who he said were conspirators in the Mississippi Department of Corrections bribery scandal.

“The state of Mississippi has been defrauded through a pattern of bribery, kickbacks, misrepresentations, fraud, concealment, money laundering, and other wrongful conduct,” Hood said. “These individuals and corporations that benefited by stealing form taxpayers must not only pay the state’s losses, but state law requires that they must also forfeit and return the entire amount of the contracts paid by the state. We are also seeking punitive damages to punishment these conspirators and to deter those who might consider giving or receiving kickbacks in the future.”

Below is a list of individuals and corporations that Hood is seeking punitive damages from:

According to Hood, these corporations allegedly paid millions of dollars in “consulting fees” to people who used those fees to pay bribes and kickbacks to Epps.  He claims that Epps awarded or extended about $800 million in public contracts to those private prison contractors because of the bribes.

Click here to read the full retention agreement.

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