Attempted ATM theft at Union Station in downtown Jackson


UPDATE: 02/13/2017 8:03am JPD Commander Tyree Jones confirms that the attempted theft happened at approximately 4:17am.  A stolen white Chevrolet pickup truck was driven into the bus station.  That vehicle was occupied by at least two people whom police say “attempted to pull the ATM out with chains.  They were unsuccessful.”

They fled the scene and the truck was recovered later on the 700 block of Mill Street.  Commander Jones says, “There were two security guards present when the incident occurred.  There’s no suspect information at this time.”

UPDATE: 02/13/2017 6:22am The car that officers believe was involved in the break-in was found abandoned about half a mile down Mill Street from Union Station.

It is a gray or silver truck and was found parked outside of a home.  WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter spoke with a resident of the home.  He sad that he heard the truck and went outside.  He then saw a man get out of the vehicle, telling the resident not to call police.  The man allegedly got into another car and drove away.  The resident says that he did not get a good look at the man.

Original Story:

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) The search for suspects is underway following an attempted ATM theft in Jackson this morning.

JPD Commander Tyree Jones confirms that someone tried to steal an ATM from Union Station, located downtown at 300 West Capitol Street.  The suspects took off the doors at both the front and back of the building. Shattered glass is everywhere.

The Jackson Police Department and its crime scene unit have been working the scene this morning,

WJTV is working with police to get suspect descriptions.  Anyone with information that may be helpful to police is asked to call them.



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