Dixon congregation gathers in front of church for Sunday service

Brenda Pinter Courtesy: Pinter Family

NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) –  Family and friends say Brenda Pinter was a dedicated servant to her church, her Lord and her community.

“We’re here gathered today this morning as a remembrance of what she did and if we could immolate that a little bit in our lives that’s going to be awesome because she was a special special woman,” says Robert Pinter, Brenda’s stepson.

When Brenda was killed she was cleaning inside Dixon Baptist Church, Thursday evening. It’s something she did every week, for several years. Sunday, the congregation gathered in the front lawn out of respect for Brenda’s family.

“When those church doors was open she was like a fixture she was here on the way i never wondered if miss Brenda was going to be at church or not because she was going to be here,” says Pastory Eric Embrey of Dixon Baptist Church. Pastor Embrey delivered a tearful message to church members Sunday morning as Brenda’s husband listened from the front row. The pastor says he can’t fathom why anyone would want to hurt Brenda; describing her as the backbone of their church family.
“I’m just like the congregation I still don’t believe it hasn’t there’s no reason it was just act of meanness because there is nothing i mean he didn’t do it out of there’s nothing missing nothing taken it was just meanness,” adds Embrey.

One thing Pastor Embrey says he knows for sure is Brenda would want church to continue. “This might sound silly but if she knew this was going to happen miss Brenda would have come anyway it’s just who she was strong willed.”

Embrey says they will hold service inside the church next Sunday.

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