4 Things you should know about the Jackson water outage

JACKSON, Miss.(WJTV)– Jackson city leaders held a news conference at City Hall Monday morning to discuss the upcoming planned water repairs and outage.

The outage will happen this weekend.

Contractors have been hired to repair three breaks to a 48-inch transmission line. One of the breaks is on Forest Avenue. Water has been running at that location for several weeks.

We’re told the other breaks are within three miles of the Forest Avenue location along I-220. One is north of Forest Avenue and the last break is south of it.

City officials hired Hemphill Construction and Utility Contractors to complete the work.

Here are some things that Jackson water customers should know:


Officials said the water outage will start on Friday, March 10 at 3 p.m. It will be in effect until 3 p.m. on March 12.

Director of Public Works Jerriot Smash said they don’t believe the repair work will take more than 48 hours.


City leaders said if your household was affected by the work that was done on Feb. 10., you will most likely be affected this time around. That’s when crews attempted to fix the Forest Avenue break the first time.

Photo: Hinds County Emergency Management Agency

WJTV has been told that the outage might affect businesses and homes starting at Northside Drive going South, in between I-220 and I-55. They don’t  expect the outage to affect the Forest Hill neighborhood because homes there are on a well system.

The homes most likely affected start at Highway 80 and South, officials said.

We’re told by Jackson Fire Department Deputy Director Brandon Falcon that MEMA expects this to affect about 40,000 customers.

The City of Jackson released an interactive map of the projected impacted area. Click here to view it.


Officials are asking residents to fill bath tubs with water so that you will have a supply to flush toilets. They are asking residents to begin building their water supplies by purchasing bottled water or filling empty containers for in advance of the outage.

Residents should also sign up for CodeRed Alerts. Alerts will be sent out throughout the weekend to provide updates.

The City has a limited supply of bottled water for distribution, one case per household

City officials are purchasing bottled water to supply residents who may need it. This is a limited supply of one case per household. The water will be distributed at the following locations:

  • Precinct 1 located at 810 Cooper Road
  • Precinct 2 located at Metrocenter Mall located at 3645 Metro Drive
  • On the West Street side of Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The hours for water pick up will be Friday from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday starting at 8 a.m. until supplies last.

Human and Cultural Services Dr. Adriane Dorsey-Kidd said they will also be helping out vulnerable adults who need water, which includes seniors and those with disabilities. You can primarily pick up water at the Metrocenter Mall during distribution times or call: (601) 960.0335 in advance to schedule someone to drop it off.


Volunteers are need and anyone can donate water. You can contact the city or call the Human and Cultural Services office at: (601) 960.0335.

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