UPDATES: Two standoffs in Rankin County abated overnight

Photos Credit: Rankin County Sheriff's Office (Rankin County, Mississippi)

RANKIN COUNTY, Mississippi (WJTV) – Two separate domestic incidents led to standoffs in Rankin County on Monday night.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) says deputies were called to the first incident on Fairfax Circle in the Bellegrove Subdivision of Brandon at 7:08pm on March 6, 2017.  Sheriff Bailey says Rankin County 911 received a call from a woman inside a home stating that she was being held captive at gunpoint by her estranged husband, Anthony Todd Payne.  Her two-year-old son, she said, was also inside the home.

According to a written release Sheriff Bailey says that Payne “realized the victim was on the phone and took the phone away.  The victim was physically restrained, but was able to access a phone…”  When Payne left the room she dialed 911 and then hid the telephone and left an open line with 911.

When RCSO deputies arrived, Sheriff Bailey says, “…they made contact with Payne who advised them to leave his residence or he would shoot them.”  He also allegedly told deputies, falsely as it turned out, that he had hidden explosives in the yard of the home.  Responding deputies then secured the outside of the home while a Special Response Team (SRT) was called.  911 Operators were able to talk to Payne, who told them he would release the two people inside.  They were brought to St. Mark’s Church on Grants Ferry Road to be interviewed by investigators.

Payne, an inactive Marine, knew the commander of the Special Response Team and asked to speak with him.  The commander was able to talk Payne out of the home and into custody.  Sheriff Bailey says, “Payne was wearing a ballistic vest when he was taken into custody.  He also had numerous magazines for an AR rifle on his person.”  A search warrant was executed and turned up an AR rifle, handgun, hunting weapons, and a gas mask.

Undersheriff Raymond Duke tells WJTV that Payne received similar training to that of law enforcement.  “Luckily,” he says, “(Payne) was willing to come out.”


Photo Credit: Google Maps (https://www.google.com/maps/)


While Mr. Payne was being taken into custody the RCSO says a second domestic call was received from a residence on Bent Creek Circle North, just two blocks west of the initial call.

In the second incident a 12-year-old girl called to say that her step-father was beating her mother.  The girl and her mother were able to leave the home and meet deputies.  During the investigation sheriff’s deputies and SRT members were able to take Jeremy Martinez Lewis into custody without incident.

Sheriff Bailey says the RCSO is thankful that both calls ended without anyone being injured.


Anthony T. Payne   Photo Credit: Rankin County Sheriff’s Office (Rankin County, Mississippi)

Anthony Todd Payne

  • To be charged with: Kidnapping, Domestic Violence
  • Held without bond in the Rankin County Jail pending an initial appearance with Judge Kent McDaniel



Jeremy M. Lewis  Photo Credit: Rankin County Sheriff’s Office (Rankin County, Mississippi)

Jeremy Martinez Lewis

  • To be charged with domestic violence, Failure to Comply with a Lawful Order (misdemeanors)
  • To be given a court date once bond is set

Sheriff Bailey says that Rankin County Juvenile Court Judge Tom Broome has been notified to address any related issues that may exist for the children involved.


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