What’s Working: The Equestrian Team at Mississippi College

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — In its almost 10-year history, The Equestrian Team at Mississippi College has trotted its way into becoming a regional contender. It doesn’t hurt that they train at one of the most beautiful venues in Mississippi, Providence Hill Farm.

Whether you are a beginner or serious rider with years in the saddle, all you need are boots and a certified riding helmet for a lesson in Horsemanship you’ll remember the rest of your life.

Mandi Bowers is the Equestrian Program Director for Mississippi College.

“It helps draw in students that may not be familiar with Mississippi College, throughout the country, just being involved in a sport that’s more of a lifestyle sport, that’s not necessarily the middle school, high school, and college.”

“Well, it’s been pretty great,” said Maggie Waters, an MC senior majoring in Biology and Chemistry. “I’m from Ohio, so the team is definitely the main reason I wanted to come to MC.”

Them team competes in Georgia and Alabama, and before long, here in Mississippi. Riders compete in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association as a team and as individuals. It’s 25 riders that practice three times a week.

“Making it look effortless, because you are dealing with a big 1,000 pound animal and it’s complicated, and they always see me, but when you are in the ring with them, every little thing that you do look effortless and make it look easy and graceful.”

Not an experienced rider. Not a problem. All MC Students are welcome to take a horsemanship P.E. Course. Located just 15 minutes from campus, it’s hard to believe anyone would pass up a chance to ride at Providence Hill Farm. Team members are given a small fee per semester, but their experience they get is priceless.

“It allows them to pursue their passion that they will continue throughout their lives,” Coach Bowers said.,

Students can train on 16 different horses. That’s important because in competition horses and riders are paired at random.

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