Jackson Residents Prepare for Water Outage

Jackson, Miss. – About 40,000 people are expected to be affected by the water outage.

The source of the problem is coming from a break on Forest Avenue

“Take a bath as quick as you can wash all your clothes, stock up on water,” Keith Gooden said.

This is just one game plan a Jackson family has to deal with the upcoming water outage.

“I’m actually getting jugs of water, and I’m actually getting bottled water you know because I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to flush the toilets or anything,” Latrice Ford explained.

The city is shutting off water to a big portion of Jackson at three o’clock on Friday, this as crews work to repair a 48 inch main break to a line on Forest Avenue.

Back in January one of Jackson’s main water lines broke, crews tried to repair it in February and were unsuccessful.

“I just want to be prepared, I’m not sure it could happen this time,” Ford said. “Just because it didn’t happen last time I had family members that it did happen to.”

Officials say the repair begins just as students are released from school for spring break.

“I am glad that they won’t be at school while this is going on, but still they’re going to be out of school and they’re still going to be at home so it’s still going to affect the kids while they’re at home,” Ford said. “They need to bathe, we still have to use the restroom.”

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