Businesses undeterred by Jackson water issues

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Despite the threat of low water pressure, or no water at all, it was a normal Saturday for most of Fondren and it didn’t scare the customers away.

Babalu manager AJ Rodriguez says their business hasn’t suffered, “we haven’t seen any significant drop-off in business due to the water situations.”

He tells us his staff prepared during the week for the potential of no water, “brought in some porta-potties brought in some hand washing stations we bought tons of soft drinks and bottled water just in preparation.”

Although the water continued to flow, he says they were cautious throughout the day, “were preparing as if were going to lose water at any moment, so we are using the paper and plastic and everything right now.”

But businesses weren’t the only ones who geared up for the outage. The National Cutting Horse Association is hosting their annual horse show, where people from all over the east coast travel here to compete–but this year they were forced to pack extra supplies.

Michele Marshall traveled from Florida to compete, “I went to the store and bought extra cases of bottled water in addition to large gallons of distilled water.” Betty Godwin, traveled from the Gulf Coast,”we heard about the water shortage so we filled out holding tanks, and we went and bought some extra buckets yesterday to be prepared.”

Godwin says,”it’s huge amounts of water, she will drink at least 5 gallons, and if I ride her a lot and work her hard she drinks over 5 gallons a day.”

Pools of water were also set up throughout the area to help with the potential lack of water, and although they never lost water, they tell us they were prepared.

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