Two congregations come together during Jackson water issues

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Sunday, two churches came together and turned a water crisis into a way to get to know their neighbors. “We’re not just members inside the church, we have to be the church,” says True Light Missionary Baptist Church member Devonda Cheeks.

True Light Missionary Baptist Church along with Mount Helm Baptist Church planned to cancel services Sunday morning due to the potential water outage, but when water was restored early church goers took the opportunity to reach out to their community. True Light Missionary Baptist Church pastor Marcus E. Cheeks believes, “the water crisis just created an excellent opportunity for us to be able to force the issue of doing something a little bit different.”

So members went to the streets to give back and tell people about their mission. “If we don’t carry the church to the people in many instances people will never know the church,” says Cheeks.

People were also welcomed to come to True Light Church to pick up a case of water, and grab some food–with a much greater goal intended according to Cheeks,”to show the community that we love them care about them and sometimes that means meeting not just spiritual needs but physical needs of people.”

The churches bought over a hundred cases to distribute throughout the neighborhood–they tell us they plan to do more events like this in the future.

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