Break-in overnight at Capitol Medical Supply

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A medical supply company in Jackson is working to clean up a mess after their business was broken into overnight.

When Purchasing Agent Kent Alday arrived at Capitol Medical Supply Monday morning, he found the lights on inside and someone had taken a large cinder block and smashed the glass to the front door.

Photo: WJTV

The business is on W. Lorenz Boulevard. He said the burglars went through drawers in the offices, but couldn’t tell immediately if anything was taken.

The store supplied medical equipment to local hospitals but said many have the perception they store pharmacy drugs and over-the-counter items.

“People see medical supply, and they think we carry stuff that we don’t,” he said. ” I get calls constantly from people looking for wheelchairs or breast pumps, that type of stuff. We don’t do that.”

He said he expects it will cost around $6,700 to fix the front door.

Anyone with information on the overnight break-in, contact Jackson Police.

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