Jackson residents upset Greenwood Avenue Bridge still not fixed

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson residents tired of waiting for a closed bridge to be repaired have been driving over it anyway.

City officials said it has a low-efficiency rate and they don’t want drivers taking the risk.

“I mean, it has been out for a while,” Kevin Hayes, who lives near the area. “They just won’t do anything about it.”

He sid he speaks for others living near Greenwood Avenue Bridge when he says he is tired of the wait.

“They came up with the signs up, but I may look at the signs,” he said. “They have been knocked out of people have still been going through it.”

The City of Jackson said its Public Works Department and the Police were notified that someone knocked the barricades and signage over. Drivers had been crossing the bridge even though it’s technically closed.

Hayes said he understands the frustrations.

“I mean this is her access to work,” he said. ” Instead of us going through we have to go all the way around just to travel. What’s the difference between North and South Jackson, what’s the difference?”

The bridge was closed towards the end of July. Back then, officials said it could be closed for a least six months. Now they said it should be ready by Spring of 2018.

“It’s a major inconvenience. Major, I mean everyone. Not just for me, for the whole community everyone over here in South Jackson. Fix it. Please fix it.”

We’re told the bridge has a large hole in the southeast side and it’s too hazardous for vehicles.

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