What’s Working: JPD’s polygraph examiner

Detective Velisa Walker issues polygraph exams for JPD

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — For the first time anyone can remember the Jackson Police Department has its own certified polygraph examiner.

Detective Velisa Walker is a very truthful installment of “What’s Working.”

It takes 13 weeks of training, endless hours of studying and passing a very difficult test to become a certified polygraph examiner. Having one on the Jackson Police Force will save both time and money in the long run.

You’ve certainly seen them on television. You may have even taken one. Polygraphs measure your pulse, blood pressure, the amount you sweat, any change in your body that could indicate you’re lying.

Detective Velisa Walker says, “I tell people, you come in here, and you’re thinking of a lie, it’s going to show me your reactions that you are thinking of a lie.”

Detective Walker spent months learning the machine and people.
She says, “That central nervous system is going to kick in, right? It’s going to show me the reactions.”

“It’s a huge step for us, said JPD Chief Lee Vance. ” Not only for her, but for the department as a whole. Before she got her training, we were left with having to contract out polygraphs.”

So how does Detective Walker apply her skills?

“I polygraph for internal affairs,” she said. “If an officer allegedly does something wrong, and you have a complaint against an officer. Pre-employment, people that are trying to come on to the department, I would polygraph them as well.”

Before anyone takes the lie detector test, they must read a statement and sign a waiver.

“You have the right to take a polygraph,” Detective Walker said. “You also have the right to refuse.”

But if you do agree, Detective Walker firmly believes, she can tell, if you are telling the truth.

Detective Walker is a nine year veteran of the Jackson Police Department. She studied at Veridicus International Polygraph Academy, which if you are wondering, is in Houston, Texas.

After an intensive 13 week course, Detective Walker also had to complete an 18-month internship concerning polygraph criteria.

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