Thousands expected to attend Hal’s St. Paddy’s Parade & Festival

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The City of Jackson is going green this weekend for Hal’s St. Paddy’s Parade & Festival.

The activities help the local economy in the Metro.

“We are excited this is our favorite weekend of the year, and we are looking forward to hosting a big party for Jackson,” said P.J. Lee, of Hal and Mals.

The parade and festival are expected to bring thousands of people to Downtown Jackson.

“The economic impact of this weekend is a big deal for Jackson,” said Lee. “Everybody comes in this weekend and kind of welcome spring into Downtown, and they spend money, and that affects everybody in a good way.”

It has been deemed Mississippi’s green Mardi Gras. Each year, the event adds millions to the local economy. On top of that, it’s a party with a purpose. The event benefits Batson Children’s Hospital.

Organizers are expecting as many as 80,000 people at the event this year.

The parade starts Saturday at 1 p.m. at the corner of State and Court Street. The festival will be held immediately after the parade.

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