Friends of man killed in 2015 say suspect received light punishment

***The clip has surveillance video from the night Eric Hambrick died. Some viewers may find the clip disturbing.

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Friends of a man killed at a Jackson Waffle House in 2015 say his killer isn’t serving enough time.
Arkel Coleman was sentenced to 15 years in prison with five suspended, and he’s getting credit for time already served, after killing Eric Hambrick.

Eric Hambrick

Coleman will get out of prison in June 2025.

We must warn you, the video contains surveillance from that night, and some of it may be disturbing to some viewers.

Coleman admits he hit Hambrick — who later died. Surveillance video from that night shows what happened.

“He had a good soul a good spirit. He was happy. Anybody knew him was just blessed,” said Kenneth McDade, a friend of Hambrick. That’s what he told WJTV back in 2015 after his friend died.

He talked to WJTV by phone Monday, saying that Coleman’s sentence isn’t long enough.

“That’s for those who don’t know exactly what happened,” said Ali Shamsiddeen, Coleman’s attorney.

“Arkel Coleman struck a man once, once,” Shamsiddeen said. “There was no beat down. There were no weapons used. There were no clubs used. He struck a man once in the mouth. And that man died two days later.”

Coleman pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The district attorney’s office recommended a sentence of 15 years with five suspended, and that’s what Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green handed down.

The transcript of the proceedings shows Coleman explaining what happened. He said he had a couple of words with the individual and he punched him.

Coleman said Hambrick made a lewd comment toward him.

“Arkel gets out,” Shamsiddeen said. “The guy says something about his pants sagging. Arkel talks with him.”

In the court transcript, Judge Green said she didn’t know what happened at the Waffle House, but it made Coleman angry enough to hit Hambrick. She said there is still no justification for taking someone’s life.

Coleman will also have to take anger management classes and get his GED. His attorney says he is remorseful.


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