What’s Working: Hair Ball 2017

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Little Light House has been helping special needs children in Central Mississippi for more than 10 years. Now there is a fun way that you can help them.

Hal and Mal’s is the place to be Sunday night at 7:30 for the Hair Ball.

You will see things you have never seen before, have plenty of fun and help families.

Hairstylists of the South are committed to making people look their best, but they are also helping humanity in other ways.

Their first Hair Ball raised $17,000 for Pink Heart, this year, the charity is Little Light House, an organization that helps children ages 0 to 6 with a variety of special needs. The Hair Ball has a circus theme this year. There will be games, a silent auction, and an avant-garde hair competition.

Olivia Barrett is the Social Chair for this year’s event.

“Think Vogue magazine editorial. When you open up the magazine, you see really crazy hair,” Barrett said. “That is what you are going to see on our stage.”

“Hair 10 feet in the air to 10 feet out. If it’s been seen in a magazine or on a runway, that’s what we are looking for,” said Shelley Yoakum, who is the Competition Chair for this year’s event. “We are looking to amaze the crowd this year, and I know our stylists in Jackson can definitely do that this year.”

It turns out Central Mississippi is a hotbed for hair styling talent.

Hundreds came to last year’s Hair Ball, about half of them were stylists. Everyone is welcome at this blowout.

“The Hair Ball is fun because we get to celebrate our industry and also show the public what we can do,” Barrett said.

“Mississippi has some of the best hairdressers that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve ever worked with, and this year, I am totally looking forward to it,” Yoakum said.

Tickets for this year’s Hair Ball are $55 in advance, $60 at the door. You can buy them at online.

Helping Little Lighthouse and having a little fun.

The Hair Ball is on Sunday night because a hairdressers weekend is usually Sunday and Monday.

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