First responders hold crash simulation at Northwest Rankin High

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — It’s the day before prom for Northwest Rankin High School and teachers encouraging students to wear their seatbelts and to say no to drinking and driving.

First responders showed students what could happen in a real- life crash simulation on Friday.

Some of the students even got to participate in a DUI simulation.

“I didn’t realize that a small decision can take your life and wouldn’t want to lose any of my friends to a car crash,” Halee Lovorn, a student.

“The number one killer of teens for 16 years old is car crashes in our country,” Tawni Basden, said Children’s of MS Highway Safety Program.”Mississippi is 5th in the nation for how many we lose in car crashes.”

Teacher and sponsor for Students Against Destructive Decisions Jay Levy says he’s now in a wheelchair because he was in a crash and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

“I tell them my story,” he said .”I show them pictures from my accident, and the first thing that they do is promise me that they will wear their seat belt.”

“This is to encourage them to make good decisions,” Ben Stein, principal of Northwest Rankin. “Especially around this time of year when prom is around, summer is coming up.”

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