Capitol Complex bill to help restore some Jackson streets

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The City of Jackson is finally getting some help to restore its crumbling streets.

The Capitol Complex bill passed Wednesday and is headed to the Governor’s desk.

For some Jackson citizens, it has become all too common, to see streets uneven, pothole ridden, and often difficult to drive on.

The city has already made some progress in various spots, but leaders say, a boost in financial support from the state should speed things up, for certain areas at least. Two percent of state sales taxes will go towards infrastructure improvement and could increase to 6 percent by 2020

“You know make Jackson pretty. It’s a nice place,” said Skipper T, the owner of Showtyme Custom Details on E. Rankin Street.

WJTV first talked to him last July about a pothole outside of his business. It was so deep that he could fit his leg in it.

After months of frustration, the city started working on that street this week.

“I have been in this neighborhood since 1981, and it is just deteriorated so bad so just to see this and done in one day, it’s just exciting,” he said.

While the Capitol Complex bill is a way to help restore Jackson’s aging roads, it only applies to the areas near and around the Capitol, government buildings, Jackson State University, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

However, Mayor Tony Yarber says the help provided by the bill will free up money for other streets in the city.

“I want to see the work done for everybody around here. Because there’s no drive through traffic you know they have to go around, and they were scared to come through there without tearing up their cars.”

Jackson implemented its own 1 percent sales tax in 2014 to help with infrastructure problems throughout the city. As far as the Capitol Complex bill, an advisory committee will be overseeing the money used.

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