Fans in Starkville Excited for Historic Win and Big Game

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) –  If you are anywhere near Starkville this weekend get used to hearing these two phrases, “Go Dawgs” and “Hail State.”

As state fans beam with maroon pride, MSU freshman Brandon Sorrell says, “everyone went wild around campus yelling hail state and just couldn’t be prouder of my girl’s basketball team.”

Fans continue to soak up the Lady Bulldogs hard fought win against U-Conn State. MSU student Will April says, “going into overtime I was extremely excited with my roommate then we won, and it was just excitement all over for the rest of the night.”

But it’s not just those on campus full of pride–owner of The Biscuit Shop, Michelle Tehan has been a fan of this team from the beginning, even naming her biscuits of the day after player Morgan William or “Itty Bitty” as some may call her. Tehan says, “they become like your family, and when someone is about to play for a national championship holy cow, it is like your neighbors are out there on that field.”

And you may recognize a few names on their wall of athletic fame or as they like to call it the biscuit bucket list,

“I literally shout it to the world that I am an MSU fan and that’s from the board to the biscuits.”

These fans are behind the Bulldogs 100 percent, and they say they’re looking forward to Sunday’s game.

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