Belhaven residents upset about road hazards

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The City of Jackson has been working to repair roads and fix potholes throughout the area, but some of the spots that have been fixed are seeing more problems already.

WJTV talked to some of the people who live on Greymont Avenue. They tell us they are frustrated to see that there are more problems popping up so soon after this road was worked on.

“Before they paved it, it was atrocious,” said Michae Alexander, a Belhaven resident. “There were potholes everywhere, and you had to duck and weave in and out just to miss them. You had to creep by.”

Alexander says the joy he felt of a freshly paved Greymont Avenue was short lived. Part of the freshly paved road is now caving in, and trickling water from beneath the surface.

“They didn’t do any actual structural work,” he said. “They just paved right over it. They didn’t go in and fix any of the actual problems with piping which is the whole reason that it caves in because the ground gets too soft. So I was initially excited, and then I saw that they recently went over it, but I knew this was going to happen.”

Jackson leaders have made it no secret that the city is dealing with major road and sewage problems. Parts of the system date back 100 years.

While the city has made tremendous progress in recent months through its operation orange cone work, and other paving projects, some citizens say they want to see the work start from the bottom up, to eliminate waste.

“I would like to see them fix the piping because it would also help with the water problems and we have here as well, Alexander said. “That’s really what I would like them to see. Just a little extra money and time so we don’t have to worry about it for another 10 years instead of a few months.”

We reached out to the City of Jackson about this issue to find out what’s been done to fix it. We are still waiting to hear back from them.

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