Parents pushing for sidewalks in neighborhood after son hit by car

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A middle school student is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car earlier this week.

WJTV talked with his parents who say the crash could have possibly been avoided if there were sidewalks in the area.

“They need a more secure environment for the kids,” said Ladiedra Neal, the child’s mother.

She and her husband Lavon said their son has been in the hospital the last two days after being hit by a car.
It left 12-year-old Traveon with a broken ankle.

“She struck my son, and due to that he has a broken ankle in three different spots,” Ladiedra said. “He had to under surgery on yesterday. He also had to get four pins in his ankle.”

The crash happened Tuesday afternoon as the student, and his classmates were walking home from the bus stop near Woody and Woodside Drive. The driver stayed at the scene, and there have been no charges filed. The parents suggest sidewalks would help keep the kids safe walking home from school.

“They drive so fast up and down the street. It just doesn’t make no sense,” Lavon said.

In the area of Woody and Woodside, there is only a small grass area to walk between the street and the storm drain.

“I make it my business to go and meet my kids every day to keep them out of the way,” Lavon said.

Traveon’s mom said she called JPD and requested more traffic patrols in the area during the after school hours.

As soon as her son is well, she will be contacting the city about sidewalks in the area.

“I don’t want another mother to have to endure the pain that I had to endure with my child,” she said.

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