Wife of fallen JPD officer remembers her hero

Harper Family

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –  Corporal Allen Harper Jr. was a member of the Jackson Police Department for over 20 years. Police say an SUV collided with his motorcycle and claimed his life. For Harper it wasn’t a job, says his wife Chequetta Harper, “I would ask him, what made you become a policeman, he said I couldn’t be anything else it was his passion, it was his heart it was just what made him, him”

Chequetta tells us her husband did more than serve. He made a difference, “I’ve heard him tell me stories about, people that were downtown that were homeless that he brought them breakfast gave them food, he had even if somebody wanted to get home help pay for their bus ticket, so he was always a hero.”

But she says his passion didn’t stop with his job, his wife says for Corporal Harper his family came first, “he loves his boys he loved my two children, he loved his grandchildren anybody that knew him knew about his grandchildren.
They felt like he was the end all to be all.”

Although he is no longer with us, he continues to touch lives,” at then end of his life he was able to help eight people, to continue their lives, so he donated to help other people. So he was still being a hero even after his death

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