Dog park coming soon to The Rez

(WJTV) — Last year, WJTV told you about a group of dog lovers eager to build a park for their furry friends. That dog park is now close to reality.

After more than a year of fundraising and hard work, the dog park at the Rez is almost complete.

The idea started with dog owner Debbie Waggener’s Facebook page, that soon had hundreds of
followers and now thousands.

“When I took the idea to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, they were really open to it. They really wanted it this amenity, but they didn’t have the budget to do it,” she said.

So with the help of people around the community and donations from different businesses, they
were able to reach their goal to construct the park at Old Trace Park in Ridgeland.

“We broke ground about two weeks ago,” Waggener said.

Some people bought bricks as a way to donate to the park. Each brick will be personalized and placed throughout the sidewalks. The park is set to open at the beginning of May.

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