North Street residents upset about noisy water pump

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Citizens tell WJTV a water pump in Jackson has been a nuisance for months.

The water pump is on North Street.

WJTV talked to two people renting apartments there. They tell us the pump has been going since the end of November, and just recently it was replaced by an even larger and louder one.

The pump is located in the middle of the street, and a fence has been placed around it.

Some residents have even up signs that say “We Can’t Sleep” and “Make North St. Great Again.”

One woman, Madeline Miller, was actually moving out Friday because of the noise. They have been dealing with on an almost 24-hour basis.

“It is really annoying,” she said. “I have lived in Chicago for five years and got very used to having silly noises around, and this is completely unacceptable for living.”

We are told there are 12 units in the apartments there. The tenants tell WJTV that they have repeatedly tried to get the city to remove it, but nothing has been done.

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