JPD officer files discrimination lawsuit against Chief Lee Vance, City of Jackson

JACKSON, Miss.(WJTV) — A Jackson officer is suing the City of Jackson and Police Chief Lee Vance for discrimination.

Tina Wallace filed a complaint on April 14, claiming that she was deprived of her right to Equal Protection to be free from race and sex discrimination and retaliation. Attorney Lisa Ross is representing her.

Wallace said she began working for the department in 1993; she worked her way up in the ranks. She stated in the lawsuit that she was demoted in 2015 from her position as Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations.

She alleges that Chief Vance favored Black male officers and White female officers.

In the lawsuit, Wallace claims that some male officers weren’t disciplined for their inappropriate behavior or actions. Wallace mentions several instances in the complaint.

She claimed that in 2015, some officers had alcohol at Precinct Three. She said City of Jackson prohibits police officers from having alcohol on city property. She said she reported it to Chief Vance, but he allegedly did not respond.

Wallace also said some officers engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

The lawsuit also claims that some officers were “double dipping” by working for other agencies or venues to provide security while still on the clock for JPD.

After reporting some of these issues, she claims she was unlawfully demoted from her position because of her race an sex.

Wallace is suing for equitable back pay, reinstatement, and other compensatory and punitive damages.

WJTV reached out to the Jackson Police Department about the lawsuit. They declined to comment.

Read the full lawsuit here.




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