Rankin County homeowners discuss recent flooding

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Three weeks after several homes were damaged from flooding in Rankin County, residents want to know what the Board of Supervisors is going to do to keep this from happening again.

“The key to restoring our values is how you proceed from this point on,” Vicky Freeze, a Millcreek resident.

Homeowners in Millcreek Subdivision packed the Rankin County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning to talk about flood damage.

On April 3, about 40 homes on Westlake Drive were damaged as rain pounded the area, causing the creek behind their houses to overflowing. It’s something these neighbors say could have been prevented.

“I showed the board of supervisors the blockage where the water couldn’t flow down the creek, and so the water found the only course it could which was behind the tennis courts by the clubhouse and then down our street which is Westlake Drive,” said Dee Moses, a Millcreek resident. ”

Moses says the debris in Millcreek is so thick that when the rain came, the water couldn’t flow through.

In 2005, Rankin County received a $5 million federal grant to address erosion problems in the same creek.

These neighbors are now asking the board for routine inspections of Millcreek to address maintenance and upkeep, as well as an inspection of the heavy debris.

Supervisor Daniel Cross says the county is aware of erosion problems in this area and they were working even before the flood to fix the issues but he says it takes time.

“We’re just asking them to stay on top of this now, and we’re going to be more proactive,” Moses said.

Supervisor Cross says they’ve cleaned out some of the debris from the creek to see where the problem areas are and they’re requesting federal and state funding.

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