Academic Signing Day at Ridgeland High

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) — Signing day isn’t just for atheletes anymore!

Seniors at Ridgeland High School were recognized for their academic acomplishments during a ceremony of their own!

Ridgeland High School seniors proudly revealed what colleges they would be heading to in the fall.

Like football, basketball or baseball players these students worked to get a scholarship to the school of their dreams.

Principal Tim Dowdy says they should be recognized for that!

“Any way that we can publicize our kids and the great things they do in the classroom we’re all about that,” Dowdy said.

“It feels great because you know a lot of times people worship athletes and that’s just they’re important but it’s also academics are important too and we want to feel included just as much as they do,” said Brayla Lawson, who is going to Southern Miss.

“It’s very exciting because some of us don’t do the sports and so we do scholarships and we have the academics and so we get a sign for that,” said Blythe Blackwell, who is going to Ole Miss

Dowdy says he hopes this will encourage students to want to further their education.

“All of our football athletes our baseball and basketball players they sign a college scholarship they get the big signing day ceremony you know where they get to put three hats on the table and do things like that well why don’t we do that for our academic kids because we have kids just as talented in different areas that maybe don’t get that recognition,” Dowdy said.

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