Yarber asked to submit DNA test in sexual harassment lawsuit

Photo Credit: WJTV

UPDATE: Mayor Tony Yarber says he’s repsonded to a set of interrogatories in conjunction with the Kim Bracey case.

We’re told included in were requests that ranged from submission of cell phone records to insurance policies and other documents.

Yarber stated that a request for a DNA sample was made, but it is contingent upon a mutual agreement between both parties for a specific date and time.  He says that time has not yet been agreed upon.

Below is the statement from Yarber:

“It is unfortunate, but not surprising, that as our campaign builds momentum and gains more support that political gamesmanship would rear its ugly, divisive head. This less than two weeks before Jackson voters go to the polls. Although the timing is unfortunate and highly questionable, I am confident that Jackson won’t be distracted by the same petty political games we saw in the recent presidential election.”

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The woman suing Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber for sexual harassment is asking the court to order him to comply and respond to a request.

The document said Kim Bracey asked Yarber to submit a DNA test. The document explains that Bracey has already produced lab results to show that a male’s DNA was detected on a necklace she owns. She is claiming that the DNA belongs to Yarber.

Bracey is asking for the DNA test to determine if there is a match.

Her attorney’s filed a motion to ask Yarber to respond to the Interrogatories and Requests for Production. They also want Yarber to pay her attorney fees for having to file a motion to compel on this issue.

Bracey filed a lawsuit against Yarber back in August alleging that she and Yarber had an affair. The complaint states that when she tried to end it, she was forced to continue the sexual relationship to keep her job.

Read the full document here.


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