Family dog killed in home burglary

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) –  Saturday afternoon is when deputies tell us a home on Rancho Road in Vicksburg was broken into. Homeowner Robert Sanders said when his family came home they noticed items were missing, “as we went through we noticed things were in array and the further we went back in the home we found out things were just thrown everywhere, things were taken, several cameras were taken, and also my son’s X-box.”

But he says the most important thing that was taken is something that his family will never be able to get back…the life of their beloved dog. He says, “they had literally shot our dog, the dog was shot three times, twice in the leg and one in the head.”

Sanders tells us that dog had been a part of the family for about eight years, “that dog was the heart of our family. We believe knowing her characteristics and the way she acted she died defending the home.” He says he prays for whoever is behind this crime, “we pray that they will repent their actions because they’re going in a direction, that is wrong and it can never be anything that’s good.”

Warren County officials are asking anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers, that number is 601-355-TIPS(8477). You can also call investigations at 601-636-1761.


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