2017 Bassmasters Elite Fishing Tournament at Ross Barnett Reservoir

Photo Credit: WJTV Photo (from video)

MADISON COUNTY, RANKIN COUNTY, Mississippi (WJTV) – Fishing fans from around the country made their way to the Ross Barnett Reservoir for the Bassmasters Elite Fishing Tournament today.  The event has a tremendous economic impact on the Jackson metro area.

Anglers are putting their fishing skills to the test to catch the biggest fish.  But this event is not just about big fish, it also means big bucks.

Eric Lopez with B.A.S.S. says he does not the exact numbers but estimates that the tournament will bring over two million dollars to the area.

Paul Elias is an elite angler from Laurel, Mississippi who is competing in the tournament.  He says anything to help Mississippi is a good thing.  “It’s good publicity,” he says, “when you put two hundred people in town it helps the revenue.”

The tournament is broadcast live nationally via ESPN.  Lopez says that focuses attention on the area as a fishing destination.

The Bassmaster Elite Fishing Tournament ends on Saturday, April 29, 2017.



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