Denim Day, sexual assault and abuse awareness in Mississippi

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – The damaging effects of sexual assault are long-lasting and law enforcement is joining forces with activists to increase awareness across the metro area.

They wore blue jeans to show support for victims.

“Denim Day” is a campaign to help bring awareness to sexual violence and assault.  In Hinds and Rankin counties deputies took part in the campaign by wearing denim to work.  One sexual assault survivor, Kenya Parks, tells WJTV that she did not share her story for years after it happened.  “At the age of eight I was silenced and I was told not to tell anyone about what happened to me.  I lived with that hurt for over ten years without sharing my story with anyone.”

Members of a local organization that helps victims of abuse or assault brought their message to the Stew Pot.  The group is called “Butterflies by Grace Defined by Faith.”  Members work to empower women and the community to join to fight sexual assault.  Allison Hickman is with the group.  She says that they are telling victims that they are not alone and that there are resources available to help.  She says that sexual assault is not often talked about in the home and that is why they are asking survivors to share their stories.

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