Documentary explores reproductive rights in Mississippi; premieres on major network

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –  The state’s only abortion clinic has become the center of an award-winning documentary that will soon premiere on a major network.

The film is called “Jackson,” and it was screened Thursday night at Malco Theatre in Madison.

It explores reproductive rights in the heart of Mississippi. The controversial documentary takes a deep dive into jackson’s women health organization.

“I just want people to know what truly goes on at our facility, what we deal with everyday,” Director of the clinic, Shannon Brewer, opened the doors to filmmaker Maisie Crow after Crow realized it was the only abortion clinic left in the state.

“It was really hard in a place like Mississippi, where it’s a very divisive issue. Getting access was difficult. And then trying to understand where both sides were coming from was challenging,” Crow said.

The film follows the decision a young mother of four named April Jackson, has to make after becoming pregnant once again. “And I made myself drinks whole bunch of clorox and water…and I bled through,” Jackson says in the trailer of the documentary.

Brewer says the gripping documentary is important because it shows their biggest struggle, keeping the clinic open.

Just this week a group of pro-life protesters were outside the pink building on State Street. The documentary also shows the pro-side of the argument.

“Women were made to protect, and to guard, and to die for their babies,” Barbara Beaver, Director of Center for Pregnancy Choices, said.

“My overall goal for the film is to really show the nuance in abortion care, and to show the real lives that are affected when reproductive healthcare is limited and when access is taken away. And to start a discussion,” Crow said.

The hour and thirty minute film “Jackson” will also premiere Tuesday., May 2nd, on the Showtime network at 7:30 pm.

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