Mom of teen hit by suspected carjacker speaks out

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Provine High School senior will miss his prom this Saturday as he fights for his life in the hospital.

Jeremiah Holmes was going to pick up his prom suit Tuesday but instead found himself in the being rushed to the hospital. Holmes was hit by a suspect police were following and they say they are within the policies and guidelines for doing so. It happened near Jayne Avenue and Sanford.

“I don’t understand why do JPD keep chasing through neighborhoods where children play,” said Teresa Holmes, 18-year-old Jeremiah Holmes’ mother.

Tuesday he was on his way to pick up his suit, but never made it.

“When he turned the corner the police were chasing the guy who stole the vehicle, and the vehicle crashed into him head on,” she said.

We’re told the graduating high school senior suffered several broken bones and is now in stable condition.

“He’ll be out of school the rest of the school year for something that could have been avoided,” she said.

Jackson Police told WJTV that the officer did not stay behind the Dodge Charger suspected carjacker Jeremy Roberts was driving, and by the time the officer caught back up with Roberts, the crash had happened.

“This boy was going every bit of 100 miles an hour, and JPD was right behind him, so yeah it was a chase. They did not lose sight of that car,” Teresa Holmes said.

JPD says they were within their policies and guidelines pursuing Roberts accused of a felony crime.

Right now Jeremy Roberts, the man accused of hitting Holmes in that stolen car is also in the hospital and is facing felony fleeing and aggravated assault charges.

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