Mudslides, power loss plague Vicksburg

WJTV Photo: Vicksburg

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Strong winds snapped massive trees in half and ripped off power lines from countless towers throughout Vicksburg.

Neighbors on North Washington Street say it was like nothing they’d ever seen.

“I said Lord, what the devil?” Matthew Woods experienced just how strong wind can get when it knocked him right off of his feet. “The wind was so strong it turned me and flipped me, and I sprained my ankle.”

Those same heavy winds knocked out the main source to the city’s water treatment plant.

“What this has done is closed the whole industrial park down and that’s a little different than any thing normally it’s a couple time lines down but this time you have the main line down on this side the main feeder line from the pumps from the well, so the pumps is down,” says Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs.

While the water is okay to use, Mayor Flaggs did warn resident to not use an excessive amount of water. He emphasized there will not be a boil water notice because the city never lost pressure.

However, outages weren’t the only issue plaguing the city. Mudslides covered several heavily traveled roads. “There’s no way to stabilize it unless the federal government come sin and puts up a whole lot of money,” explains Flaggs.


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