Elections: Voting map of ward boundaries in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Photo Credit: Margaret-Ann Carter, WJTV Map Courtesy: City of Ridgeland (Ridgeland, Mississippi)

RIDGELAND, Mississippi (WJTV) – Officials are working to alleviate confusion in the city of Ridgeland, Mississippi.  

City elections are may be held in a different precinct from where county elections were held in 2016.

The City of Ridgeland has provided a map which details where voters should be casting their ballots:

Photo Credit: Margaret-Ann Carter, WJTV Map Courtesy: City of Ridgeland (Ridgeland, Mississippi)


City officials are telling residents to double check their polling places before they head out to vote.  Polly Hammett works at the polls.  She says, “Make sure that you look at your card that you got int he mail because people vote in a different place in city elections than they do in county and state elections.  We have had a lot of Ward 3 people coming here and we are having to send them over to their correct ward, because they vote here for county stuff but they don’t vote here for city stuff.  So look at that and make sure you vote according to your ward.”

We are told that voter turnout in many places has been a bit slow so far.  Pat Krakos with the Election Commission Board in Ridgeland says, “We are seeing a rather brisk turnout, which is very welcomed, because the city wards are aligned differently than county, state, or federal congressional districts.

Polls close at 7:00pm tonight.  Primary runoffs will be held on May 16th.  The general election is on June 6th.


Here are more reminders for Election Day 2017



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