Voters voice concerns on Election Day in Mississippi May 2, 2017

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – It is Election Day in Mississippi.  Voters are making their way to polling places to cast their votes in today’s primary elections.

WJTV stopped at Lester Elementary School and talked to residents about the importance of voting.  One voter, Dianne Myles, said, “It is so important to vote because we need so many things done in the city and by us voting, we can get those things accomplished because our forefathers fought hard for us to vote and there is no reason for us not to vote at this day and time.”

Top concerns of voters in the city of Jackson appear to be the same.  They want local leaders to take care of the pothole problems and water issues.  Sheila Thomas, a voter, says, “Some of the biggest struggles are our infrastructure and someone that can manage the budget to make sure that the city employees are being treated fairly and paid right for the work that they do.”

As of this posting no problems have been reported at any polling sites but anyone who experiences an issue is asked to notify the WJTV newsroom at: (601) 944.4924.



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