AG Hood announces Consumer Guide for Solar Power

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Attorney General Jim Hood announced Wednesday that the Consumer’s Guide To Solar Power in Mississippi is now available to residents.

Hood said the guide is a way to get ahead of any issues people may have when choosing a solar power product or company.

“Renewable energy­­—including solar power—can be beneficial to the environment while providing a costs savings for the consumer,” Attorney General Hood said. “It is critical to determine whether the investment for the renewal energy in a solar system is the right choice for your home or business. This guide offers tips and resources to help make that determination.”

In 2015, the Mississippi Public Service Commission issued a rule allowing net metering in the state, according to Hood.

Net metering is the process when individual utility customers who use solar panels or other renewable energy generators can sell their excess power back to the power companies. The electricity produced by the customers using renewable energy generators can be placed on the electric grid to offset their power bill.

“Our neighboring states have experienced problems with licensing of solar contractors, so we want to be sure our office provides help and guidance to consumers in our state when making decisions in their solar installation,” General Hood said. “We tried to do this by way of legislation, but because that was tied up in the Capitol, we have produced this guide as a resource.”

You can view the guide on the AG’s website. 


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