Bolton, Mississippi couple braces for Wednesday storms

BOLTON, Mississippi (WJTV) – People are still recovering from weekend storms.  One Bolton, Mississippi couple is bracing themselves as heavy rain and strong winds are expected to make their way through Mississippi this afternoon.

The roof of Linda and Webster Harvey was partially ripped off during storms on Sunday, April 30, 2017.  They say they took shelter in the Harvey Circle home but heard a loud noise.  When they went outside large pieces of the roof were in the yard.  The couple has temporarily covered the hole in the roof with a large tarp.  Today they are hoping that the weather is not as bad.

Webster Harvey says, “We covered the roof so it won’t rain (inside)…so we can actually get started working on it.  But whatever happens, like I said, God took care of us once; he’ll take care of us again.”  The couple has been living in the home for more than twenty years.  They intend to remain in the home while repairs are being made.



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