Authorities: No threat made to Pike County schools

UPDATE: After further investigation, Pike County authorities said no threat was made to the schools.

PIKE COUNTY, Mississippi (WJTV) – The Pike County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) is investigating threats allegedly made at the North Pike Schools.

The PCSO says it has identified the individual involved.  According to the PCSO “(t)he Pike County Youth Court has been notified and is working with PCSO.”    The school is open and extra deputies will remain on school grounds as a precaution:

Facebook Post: Pike County Sheriff’s Office (Pike County, Mississippi)


In the meantime an administrator at North Pike High School says that the report of alleged threats made by a student to other students this morning was not accurate.

Dennis Penton, Superintendent of the North Pike School District, says that the Facebook post about the threat was made by a parent, not a student.  The parent believed that a student made the threat and was posting concern on social media.

The post on Facebook indicated that students at the school were given “life passes” by another student.  According to the post those who did not have the passes would be shot.  Superintendent Penton says that there were notes involved but he would not elaborate on the nature of those notes, saying only that the comments were not of a threatening nature and comments about them were “grossly exaggerated.”

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office and Pike County School District are still investigating.  Penton says they are taking all steps and precautions to ensure the safety of students and faculty.  He says that student safety is their first priority.

As news of the social media post surfaced several parents went to the school to pick up their children.  The school, however, had not issued a request for them to do so.

The school is located in Summit, Mississippi, near McComb.



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