Warren County flooding could impact some farmers

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Flooding in Warren County could impact some farmers who have already planted their crops.

Road signs have been put up to keep drivers out of areas similar to Long Lake Road where you can see water crossing on both sides of the road.

It’s at least three feet deep at some points, and Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace is warning drivers to stay out of this area.

Water from the Yazoo River is flooding areas. Ziegler Road and Chickasaw Road in the county are also flooded.

“I mean this is just part of living on the river,” Sheriff Pace said. “These roadways that lie on the west side of Highway 61, west of the levee system, are going to be affected by Mississippi River flooding as it backs up the Yazoo.”

While no homes are threatened by the flooding right now, the water could delay some farmers from planting their crops.

“The farmers are planting or have planted, and this is a problem for them because it gets into the fields,” he said. “Depending on how long it stays there, it can delay their farming operations for this year or put them out of business for this year for this particular crop.”

Sheriff Pace said the best thing to do of course if you see water over a road is to turn around, don’t drown.

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