Changes coming to Hawkins Field, family business leaving

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson Municipal Airport Authority CEO Carl Newman says JMAA has plans to beautify and improve Hawkins Field — an airfield in North Jackson off Industrial Drive.  The improvements would include a new entrance on the South side of the airfield off Sam Jones Junior Drive, across from the Jackson Golf Course.

The old terminal at that location would also get a facelift. Newman says the terminal was built in the 1920s, “We think it would be a nice location for a small aviation museum and also a nice location for a restaurant and could be a nice addition for a fixed base operator and so we’re looking forward to undertaking some of those initiatives.”

WJTV is told that Jim Hankins Air Service is the only private business that still operates on the South side of the ramp. Bruce Moss, Vice President of the company, says that earlier this year JMAA ordered the company to leave. They were given 30 days to get out. Moss says, “We couldn’t move all of this in 30 days. It’s impossible. ”

The family owned service has offered charter flights and shipping since 1958. Last week, Moss filed for bankruptcy, trying to gain more time to move the planes and equipment in the hanger. “Pretty much it’s going to put us out of business,” Moss says. “We’re going to have to liquidate everything to get out in the amount of time they’re giving us.”

WJTV asked if improvements to Hawkins Field was the reason the business was ordered to leave the property, but Newman wouldn’t talk about it. Newman says that’s because the issue is still in court, “The only thing I would say about that is that agreement expired I believe back in 2010. The Hankins filed bankruptcy and that’s going through proceedings and we’re involved in that.”

Moss says he’s still waiting on a decision in his bankruptcy case, “I would love to see this company stay here but in reality, it’s not going to. I would like to see them suffer some sort of consequence for what they’ve done. I feel like what they’ve done has put my family business out.”

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