Drivers anticipate completion of Lakeland Drive expansion

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Expansion on Lakeland Drive is just months away from being completed. And some drivers are getting impatient with the progress of the project.

At the Old Fannin Road intersection, drivers have complained about speed bump-like pavement right in the middle.

A Mississippi Department of Transportation representative says that uneven pavement is the product of very tedious and lengthy work.

Drivers who frequent Lakeland Drive have witnessed the transformation from Airport Road to Grants Ferry Road since October 2015. With a few months left before completion, some are growing frustrated with how construction affects traffic.

“I have issues with the current pavement and how it’s one lane. And you know it’s not sloped or slanted,” Eric Bales said.

“I have a little car. So when you go over those bumps, it almost scrapes the underneath of it,” Suzi Altman said.

While cars going east and west along Lakeland Drive are not affected by the pavement, cars going north and south on Old Fannin Road are forced to creep across bumps. Some drivers blame it for causing more traffic to an already busy area.

“Traffic is backed up down Lakeland forever. This intersection is hellacious. And you know what, there’s not a crosswalk anywhere,” Altman said.he department of transportation has an explanation for the pavement.

The Department of Transportation has an explanation for the pavement.

Because of the lane closure restrictions that are in place and the limited time to work at night to have the smallest impact to traffic, crews must pave the lanes in different ½ mile sections each night. It takes approximately two weeks to complete a ½ mile section of six lanes across in both directions. This is how tedious this work is.”

We’re also told the project is on schedule, with crews currently working on finishing curbs and islands. The $36.3 million project is expected to be completed this fall.

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