Helm Place Subdivision receives national award

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A recently built affordable housing subdivision in Jackson was just recognized with a national award.

There are now plans to build more homes for families in the area.

The Helm Place Subdivision in the historic district of Jackson won the “Best in America Living Gold Award” at an awards show earlier this year.

“We are rebuilding Downtown Jackson one home, one family at a time,” said Gov. Phil Bryant.

“It certainly has been a big change since I’ve been in this community,” Dr. Garnette Wells Galloway, community member.

Wells Galloway has been a member of Mt. Helm Baptist Church for over 50 years. The former educator sold her house to the developers to expand the subdivision, and in return, they named the playground after her.

“I am very proud, and I will certainly see that it will be prosperous and grow for the community,” she said.

The development has 88 homes, but at least 90 more are coming to the area.

“There hasn’t been a home built in downtown Jackson probably since the 1970’s,” Gov. Bryant said.

“We look forward to building more of these homes and putting families in and having this as a vibrant constructive part of the city of Jackson that it hasn’t been in so long,” Clarence Chapman, the President of Chartre Consulting.

The developers hope to begin the construction in 90 days. A waiting list for the new wave of homes will be started for low- income families after construction begins.

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